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Auditioning for LSF

July 5, 2012

Auditions to First Read

By Elissa Beth Stebbins



Auditions are not my favorite part of the creative process.

And I’m certain I’m not alone. For those of you who are required to audition to do what you love, I doubt I need say more. For those who are not, think of it like this: imagine interviewing approximately 10-20 times for every one job you land. Now imagine you need a new job every few weeks. This means even as you’re working at one job, you’re lining up as many interviews as possible (scheduling around your current job, of course). Now imagine that your interview is timed – sometimes as short as two minutes. NOW imagine, that in order to land this job, you must be willing to share the core of who you are – not your favorite past times, not where you grew up or what you may see as your best traits, but the love, the hate, the disappointment, the grief, the joy and the wonder that sit right around your heart.  And you must share this core of yourself using someone else’s words.

All right – who’s ready to audition?!?!

Livermore Shakespeare Festival Blog

June 15, 2012

Traveling Players

By Peggy Riley

The tradition of traveling players is almost as old as theater itself, encompassing performers from the pageant wagons of Medieval Europe to the roving bands and Commedia troupes of Renaissance Italy to the road shows and touring companies of our own time.  And now the traveling players come to Livermore Shakespeare Festival 2012: A troupe arrives at Concannon Vineyard to perform in Hamlet’s play-within-a-play, The Murder of Gonzago; while they’re here, the players present The Merry Wives in the vineyards outside the town surrounding the castle (in our case, the grand Ellen Roe Concannon house).