Housing Host

Host an Artist for the Summer

Could you be a Housing Host?

The Livermore Shakespeare Festival housing program to host our actors is vital to our continued success. Your support allows us to offer housing to the increasing number of actors who want to work with the Livermore Shakespeare Festival! We are in great need of Livermore residents willing to open their homes to our guest artists.

Do you live in Livermore? Could you host an actor or stage manager for all or part of our summer season? If you have a guest room with bathroom in your home, or maybe a guest house or furnished apartment that you would be willing to offer, we would love to hear from you!

Our housing program allows our guest artists to do the work that they love. It allows us to hire outstanding actors, which in turn benefits the community of Livermore by enabling us to continue to provide productions of a very high caliber.

Our past hosts have found this experience to be a very positive one, and have appreciated the opportunity to get to know the actors and gain a deeper insight into the productions. Hosting for the full season would also give you the benefit of an in-kind donation with an acknowledgement in our program, and the opportunity to meet the entire cast before opening night.

Housing is needed June-July. Could you offer housing for the whole nine week season, or for a few weeks, or even the occasional weekend? There is no expectation for you to provide meals, although a shelf in a refrigerator or pantry would be appreciated!

If you are interested being a Housing Host for the Livermore Shakespeare Festival this summer, please email us at: housing@livermoreshakes.org

We had no idea how satisfying this experience would be. On both occasions we hosted young, enthusiastic, warm, social people. They fit right in at our home, loved our cat, shared their acting experiences, and were no extra work for us whatsoever. Their presence in our home brought us closer to the plays of the season and heightened our appreciation for the tremendous amount of rehearsing by the cast and planning by the officers and volunteer staff. We would encourage interested families to be open to this experience. It has certainly enriched our lives.


Housing Host

The host program was, for me, an experience that I will cherish for a very long time! And I know that I am not the only artist who has felt that way. The only negative about the host program was having to leave at the end of the performance season. I blame my hosts for making me feel so welcome, making me feel as if my art was making a difference in people’s lives, and treating me like a prince.



PHOTO BY Kenneth Alexander.
Paddy Mulligan, Elissa Beth Stebbins, Sean Patrick Nill & Jennifer Le Blanc in The Merry Wives of Windsor, 2012.
Directed by Virginia Reed.
Costumes by Shannon DuPont.