Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Here’s your answer…

If tickets are available, of course! You can pay with Cash, Check or Credit Card at the door. Seating is limited, so it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance. And only tickets for that evening’s performance will be available at the door.
Q: Are CHAIRS provided?
Yes. We provide ASSIGNED SEATS in chairs pre-set for you. Do not bring your own into the seating area of the stage. There will be seating spaces provided for those in wheelchairs. Our new venue at Wente features OUTDOOR THEATER IN THE ROUND. The audience will be seated around a hexagonal stage which has long “boardwalks” that thrust out into the spaces between the audience creating an intimate “in the round” theatrical experience! The stage is set on the large lawn area directly to the east of the tasting room.

When purchasing tickets, the seating plan is set up North/South appropriate. So the Blue section is indeed facing West. That means a few minutes of setting sun, but it’s also the section with the best natural acoustics, so many of our older patrons prefer it. Just bring a visor for the few minutes the sun sets behind the buildings.  

Q: Can we bring ALCOHOL?
Due to state laws, only alcohol bearing the label of the winery or sold under the license of the restaurant/bar can be consumed on the winery/restaurant property.
Q: How is the PARKING?
Wente has a large parking lot available for patrons. There are paved Handicapped-Placard spaces right in front of the entrance. There is a dirt parking area close to the entrance gate as well.

Swirl has parking all around the square block that houses BlackSmith Square. The FREE parking structure is only one-half block away on RailRoad Street.

Q: Is it suitable for YOUNG AUDIENCES?
Ages 7 and up for the Shakespeare.  Age 11 and up for Cyrano de Bergerac. NO BABES-in-ARMS; no children under the age of 5 admitted.  There is bawdy humor in all of Shakespeare plays, but it’s in Elizabethan innuendo, so the kids don’t usually get it.
Q: Can I EAT at the play?
The winery has a grassy picnic area for patrons to use, as well as a few tables. Wente food and wine will be available for purchase, no outside food and wine is allowed. Wente is donating the venue for this production.  If you want to picnic before the show, you can purchase food from Wente’s Gourmet Food Truck. No reservation required. Picnic area opens at 6:00 pm.

Swirl will be offering tapas-style fare for the holiday show.

Q: Is there a DRESS CODE?
It’s “California Casual”for most of us.  Shirt and shoes required, but you don’t have to dress up.

Livermore Shakespeare Festival is an outdoor event, so dress accordingly for the shifting temperatures. Toss a jacket and hat in the car, bring a sun visor. Blankets are available for rental if needed.