Individual / In-Kind Sponsors

Meet the Community that makes professional theater possible in Livermore

Muse Level
($10,000 and up)

Neil and Karen Riley in honor of Peggy Riley
Severns Family Foundation

Bard Level
($5,000 – $9,999)

Louise and Les Gill
David and Darcie Kent
Livermore Valley Education Foundation
Drs. Claire and Tom Marcel
Rotarian Foundation of Livermore
University of the Pacific Department of Theatre Arts,
Lisa A. Tromovitch, Chair
Elizabeth E. Trutner, Esq. and James Hartman

Globe Level
($3,000 – $4,999)

Lori Souza and Bryan Balazs
The Clorox Company Foundation
Ken Schretzmann
Lynn and Joan Seppala
Elizabeth Tromovitch
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King Henry’s Hereos
($2,000 – $2,999)

Alameda County Arts Commission
Fremont Bank Foundation
Thomas and Barbara Lasinski
Dr. William and Janet Lide
Mony Nop Foundation
Dr. Patricia and David Munro

Lord Chamberlain’s
Mens and Ladies
($1,000 – $1,999)

Bielke-Loll Family
Joan Boer in memory of Garret Boer
City of Livermore
Gretchen & John Clatworthy
Paul Chrzanowski
First Street Ale House
Jean King
Cherie Jo and Steve Patenaude
Jean Shuler
Lisa A. Tromovitch

Masters of the Revels
($600 – $999)

Accounting Solutions, Inc.
Wes and Liz Arnold
William & Lynda Ballard
Laura Batti and John Hogan
William Lokke
Christine Macomber
Dr. Philip Manwell
Charles Thompson
The Edwards-Weber Family

Falstaff’s Fan Club
($400 – $599)

Joanne Appel
Heidi Kaseff and Lee Davisson
Les and Barbara Edwards
Tim & Nancy Gomes
Ellen Goold
Robert Gundrey
Jeff and Loretta Kaskey
Lawrence and Ronna Lagin
Livermore Cultural Arts Council
Martin, Froeschner & Associates
Don and Linda Milanese
Mark and Joyce Nevins
Timothy B. Rien
Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery
Barbara Rollins
Tony and Ann Trutner
The Virgilio Family

($250 – $399)

Louis Astbury
The Bueno Family
Bob and Sue Carling
Shaila Catherine
David Dobson
Derek and Rhiannon Eddy
Richard & Carol Edson
Eight Bridges Brewing Co.
James and Olive Greene
Arthur and Bridget Gregory
Peta Grimes
Raquel Holt
Karen and Jim Holtz
Natasha Hyndman
Todd Lane
Douglas & Mary Ann Le Blanc
Les and Rena Leibovitch
Carol Lokke
Don Meeker
Deborah Munro
Barbara Murray
Amy Pittel
Virginia Reed
LaMyrl Sandholtz
Allyn Saroyan
Carolyn Siegfried
Jim and Bonnie Schmidt
William Wolak
Bill and Mary Zagotta

Corset and Ruff
($100 – $249)

Tim, Nancy and Lisa Ackerman
Martin & Virginia Baron
Cynthia Bird
Nicolette Bouton
Louise Brandt
Monica Cappuccini
Mary Campbell
John Castor and Melissa Reading
Suzanne Carder
Rochelle Clements
Robert Cook
Susan Cota
Deszily Family Trust
Ron and Lois Dueltgen
Marilyn Dumesnil
Bill & Sally Dunlop
Mark L. and Joyce Eaton
Dottie Eberly
Pat and Peggy Egan

Corset and Ruff (continued)

Carol Eicher
Theresa Farrah
Stephanie Fish
Marilyn Foreman
David and Karen Furst
Genevieve Getman-Sowa in honor of Aaron and Deborah Munro Swarts
Kim and Charlene Grandfield
Pam Gross
Charles and Khabira Hartwig
Lucy Hair
Jim and Mary Ann Hannon
Donna Heinle
John and Judy Hughes
Heather Jones
Lisa and Randy Jost
Ann Kasameyer
Bernadette Cabuay-Kelly

Judith and Craig Kelso
James King
Rita Koselka and Brad Wallin
Steven and Mary Ann Langer
Donna and W.R. Leach
Gregg and Jennifer Le Blanc
Ted and Stefanie Leland
Dolores Loll
Lani Longshore
Lilian Marcus
Stephen and Holly Massey
Susan and Brian Mayall
Marjorie McMahan
Martie and John Muldoon
Dan Nikkel
Jim and Pam Ott
Ron and Janice Perkuchin
Gerald Peters
Carol and John Pitts
Kathryn Quinnell
Susanne and Philip Ramsey
Melinda and Timothy Rau
Malcolm and Mary Rodgers
Thomas and Judy Rognlien
Kathy and Craig Seppala
John Shirley
Patricia and David Stenger
Barbara Steinfeld
Alan and Robbie Teruya
Brigitte Tiszauer
John and Beverly Titus
Mark and Maria Triska
Leslie Trutner
Carol Vander Muelen
Amy Weinstock in honor of Aaron and Deborah Munro Swarts
Dick and Ruth Wenzel
Patricia Wheeler
Kenneth and Sharon Wilson

Tankard and Ale
($50 – $99)

Carol Atkinson
Matt Ballin
Rob and Chris Bennett in honor of Nate Bennett and Sarah Finn – two favorite techies!
William and Connie Bish
LeAnn Bjelle and Glenn Smith
Karen Benedetti
Donna Blevins
Ted and Karen Bresler
Dan Casner and Miranda Munro
Mary Dalton
Gregory and Susan Davis
James and Donna DeMartini
Janice Diane
Sham and Swetha Dixit
Kellie Essary
Sally Esser
Matt Finders
Marty and Elynn Finston in honor of the Aaron and Deborah Munro Swarts
Peggy and Alan Frank
Fred Gertler
Todd Graves
Linda Guthrie

Evelyn Heald
Zel and Dulce Helstrom
Elizabeth Hernandez
Tanya Hoppes
Greg Hubbard
Barbara Keer
Arthur and Carol Krakowski
Christy Lamb
Dwight and Marianne Lang
Cynthia Lagodzinski
Blair Leatherwood
Live United
Lilian Marcus
Pat and Karen McCormick
Stephanie McDoulett
Georgia McKellar
Judith McMurray
Linda and David Myers
Paula and Greg Orrell
Lisa and Andrew Paterson
Todd and Helen Phillips
Carolyn Ramsey
Jeffrey and Karen Richardson
Michael Wayne Rice
Carol Sampson
James and Bonnie Smith
Gilbert Stratton
Clark and Kathy Streeter
Pete and Val Stuckey
Robert Taylor
Leslie Trela
Hester Wagner
Pamela and Stanley Wheeler

Quill & Parchment
($20 – $49)

Charles Anderson
Ann Brown
Cynthia Brown
Scott and Deborah Butler
John Caldwell
Lisa Capirchio
Katie Cortez, Joe Michell Room 7
Stacey Compton
Cathie Corsaro in honor of Jennifer Le Blanc and Mary Fielding, Teaching Artists
Dahman Household
Joan Dammann
Walter Danielson
Marcia Stimatz Elchesen
Ed Erickson
Bradley Esser
Sally Esser
Charles Eyler and Nancy Saltsman
Mary Fair
Judy Fenton
Rolf Freimuth
Samuel Friedmann
Mary Goldsmith
Steve Herdman
Monty Herr
The Herz Family
Leann Hinton
Patricia E. Warren Hoenig
Jeanette Huneke
Jensen Living Trust
Desiree Joplin
Barbara Keer
Kathy Kelley
Amy La Juenesse
Michaeline Lankes
Angela Vrbanac-Libby
Melissa Lowenstein
Phil Lowery
Katie and Russ Marcel
Divya Marlapalle
Janet and Laurence Milder
Mitchell Miller
Nisha Nagdev
Don Nolte
Milo Nordyke
Celene Resong
Heather Roberts
Michael Satterlund
Tracy Stoner
Susie Terryl
Charles Thompson
Meri McCoy-Thompson

In-Kind Donations

Laura Batti
Métier Marketing and Communications, Inc. Photography by Gregg Le Blanc

Barry Swenson Builder

4GQ Limousine Services

Fraser, Hartwell and Trutner, Law Offices
2109 Fourth Street, Livermore

Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham

Mobile Modular

Orchard Supply Hardware

Purple Orchid Resort & Spa

Rodrigue-Molyneaux Winery

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Armando McClain in Macbeth LSF ’11.
Costume Design by Joanne Martin and Barbara Murray. Scenic Design by Randall Enlow.
Directed by Lisa A. Tromovitch